Even small businesses, they have many leave types to handle, and it can be challenging. To enhance operational efficiency, implementing a right leave management helps to speed up leave processing time and make the process almost paperless.

Pre-defined leave types

The system gives flexibility to user to pre-set different leave types. (Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, and many more)

Multi-tier Approval Structure

The system enables up to 3 approval levels according to your company policy.

Multi branches with different states’ holiday

When you have different branches from different states, this feature helps you assign different Public Holidays to each group of people.

Different entitlements for different group of employees

You can set up to 3 groups of leave entitlements/policies for different levels of employees.

On-the-go access

You can apply, approve/reject anytime, anywhere through online or mobile app.

Employee Self-service

Paperless Leave Application

Automated Leave Management